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Sep 7, 2012 10:00pm EDT
me as alert and focused as someone without allergies. live claritin clear. >> baltimore sports fans with a 15 year first. >> big >>> in the end it took the jury 13 hours to reach the same conclusion that the onlookers gathered outside the courthouse and seemingly arrived at years before. and drew peterson was a stone cold wife killer. inside the courtroom, the former cop took the verdict stowingly. while family and friend of victim, third wife, kathy savio wept with joy. sue doman is katrina yhy's sist. >> i couldn't believe the support of people. amazing, it means so much to me. means so much to my sister. she is looking down on all these people and saying thank you, finally. >> by the time drew peterson's defense team stepped outside to meet the media, the crowd had grown so raucous they had to shout to be heard over the catcalls. >> excuse me, i'm talking. >> in spite of the blinding sunshine in illinois. they declared it a dark day for justice. >> the whole world is waiting for drew to be convicted they hate him, hated him from day one. for some reason this guy has become the fa
Sep 21, 2012 10:00pm EDT
casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven. >>> randolph dial, the convicted killer who busted out of prison, his hostage, bobbi parker, was it seemed like a happy ending to an incredible story. but from the day bobbi disappeared, some people had doubts about what really happened to her. one of them was her husband's former boss, warden jack cowley. did you suspect bobbi parker had a hand in it right away? >> i was drawn to that conclusion. >> it was cowley, remember, who picked dial to run the pottery program out of the parkers' garage. then one day he now says he was driving by the parker home -- >> and i saw dial and bobbi out on the front porch drinking coffee or tea or something. >> they looked a little bit too cozy? >> right. >> then there were the phone calls from bobbi just after the prison break.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2